About us

Alpavet SLP

Our company combines experience and knowledge to provide an integral service to farmers.

Alpavet s.l.p. started in the dairy cattle sector in 1992. Since then, our team has combined experience and youth, with one characteristic in common: passion for what we do.

Our main goal has always been to help farms to achieve the highest results, an objective linked to the improvement of the health and welfare of animals. In this sense, we have become experts in different areas such as nutrition, management, facilities design, milk quality, reproduction, disease prevention, pathology, etc., to help our clients to have their animals well-fed, in comfortable facilities and managed with the least degree of stress. All this in seek of getting the maximum productive potential according to their genetics.

Our mission is to provide a high quality integral service every day of the year. As a result of our efforts, and mainly of those of the farmers who work with us, we are reaching the desired levels of profitability and health for our animals.

In line with our willing to improve, our strong commitment of training in new knowledge and technologies has led us to work in a laboratory that offers fast and fully reliable results in the most important aspects of cattle production.

Our certifications

Our work is certified by some of the most prestigious international organizations.


Downloadable materials

Download here useful documents for daily management of your farm.

Alpavet SLP is a veterinary center equipped with the most innovative technology to help you getting the best profit from your farm.

We care about the welfare of your animals, for what we analyze forages in our own laboratory.


  • Our offices:

    C/ Velada, 4.
    45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo)

    +34 925 819 153


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